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  • Close up of hands rolling a joint next to a jar of cannabis flower.
    With Indigenous Peoples Day coming up on June 21st, many people are looking for ways to support Indigenous communities. Here are some of our favourite Indigenous-run cannabis brands to support this Indigenous Peoples Day and every day. Indigenous-Owned Brands We Love 18twelve 18twelve is all about combining science and creativity to provide customers with an amazing cannabis experience. With innovative products from their high-powered Bomber joints filled with flower and THC diamonds to their Vital
  • Cannabis joints with rolling paper, flower, and grinder
    Joint rolling can be harder than it looks. Here are some tips to roll the perfect joint. Remember that learning how to roll a joint takes time, so keep practicing, and soon you’ll feel like a pro. Know Your Rolling Paper Rolling papers come in various materials, including tree pulp, hemp, rice, and flax, as well as multiple sizes. Some papers are bleached or unbleached, or contain additives like charcoal for faster burning. Check the
  • Hands lighting a bong.
    Nick Swanson
    There are quite a few ways to consume cannabis, depending on your personal preferences. Here’s a basic guide to the most popular consumption methods. Joints Joints are a small, convenient option for smoking. Joints are made by rolling dried flower in rolling papers. You can opt to roll your own, which gives you the advantage of choosing exactly which cannabis and rolling papers to use. If you would rather have a convenient grab-and-go option, you
  • Smiling man using a laptop to shop online.
    Interested in our same-day Surrey weed delivery? Here’s how the process works from start to finish. Order Weed Delivery Check if You are in Our Delivery Area The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that you are located in our delivery area. We deliver to multiple local communities. A Little Bud’s same-day weed delivery service is available in the following areas: Surrey White Rock Langley Cloverdale Delta Tsawwassen If you do not
  • Hands rolling a cannabis joint.
    Do you know the origins of the term “420”? Here is a quick look at the history. Common Origin Stories There are plenty of ideas as to why the number 420 is associated with cannabis use. Some people say it’s because 4:20 is tea time in the Netherlands, a country famous for its weed. Others say it’s because there are 420 active chemicals in marijuana (there are actually likely more than that). Some folks even

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