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  • Close-up of cannabis buds
    Wondering if you should try a cannabis strain that contains high levels of THC? Here’s how to tell if a high-THC product might be right for you. Is a High-THC Strain Right for Me? First things first: do you know what THC is? Lots of people don’t! THC is the psychoactive component in some strains of cannabis that produces the feeling of being high. That means that the higher the THC content in your cannabis,
  • Finely-ground cannabis, rolling paper, a grinder, and a lighter.
    Rolling Papers If you prefer rolling your own joints, having a stock of rolling papers is a must. Rolling papers come in different sizes and can be made of various materials, including wood pulp, hemp, rice, flax, and more. The different materials burn differently, and everyone has their own preferences, so we recommend experimenting with a few different types of rolling papers to find what works best for you. Rolling Trays Rolling trays are another
  • studiothink
    Join us at our Whistler Grand Opening Event It’s time to CELEBRATE! A Little Bud is excited to invite you to the GRAND OPENING of our new location in Whistler! We’ve been evolving with the British Columbia cannabis market since our origins as a medical-use dispensary in 2017. Today, A Little Bud is Whistler’s first and only licensed cannabis dispensary, and we’re ready to light up the mountains with you! When: October 21st, 2023 from
  • A bong next to a grinder, a lighter, and cannabis flower
    Are you packing your bowl the right way? Whether you’re brand new to cannabis and learning to pack a bowl for the first time or have been doing this a long time and just want to improve your technique, we’ve got you covered. Buy Premium Bud Grind or Break Your Bud Start by breaking or grinding your cannabis flower. Small, consistently sized pieces burn evenly, giving you a smoother smoking experience. Using a grinder is
  • Glass Pipe and Marijuana leaf
    Are your favourite smoking accessories looking a little worse for wear? Here are a few easy ways that you can keep them all clean.   Cleaning Grinders  Pulling apart the flowers by hand or cutting them up with your kitchen scissors obviously isn’t ideal. With a grinder, you can just pop in the bud, give it a few turns, and you’re ready to go! But all the residue is eventually going to gunk up the mechanism

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