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  • Scoop of live resin
    Looking to change up how you’re getting your favourite strain? If edibles and smoke just aren’t doing it for you these days, why not try out a resin product? Let’s get into what resin is and how you can use it. Shop Online What’s Live Resin? Live resin is a special compound extracted from the flower during the harvest process. But what makes it special? A little something known as a terpene. Terpenes are the
  • Marijuana and chocolate chip cookies
    Whether your favorite post-smoke snack is sweet or salty, there’s no denying that everyone gets the munchies. So what actually makes you hungry when the munchies strike? Munchies Madness The Science Behind the Munchies The reason that your stomach starts rumbling after smoking all comes down to the same ingredient that gets you high in the first place, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. When THC enters your bloodstream either through the lungs or is digested and absorbed
  • Cannabis flower spilling out of a glass jar
    If you’re relatively new to the cannabis world, you might hear a lot of terms that you don’t understand and feel overwhelmed. Here is a quick guide to some basic cannabis terms and what they mean. Visit our store to learn even more. Common Cannabis Terms Cannabinoids Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds in cannabis that react with receptors in the body to produce the effects of cannabis, including feeling high or more relaxed. THC and
  • Hashpieces with marijuana bud on white background
    Do you know the difference between hash and flower? Here are the basics. Flower “Flower” is a term used to describe cannabis buds that have been dried, trimmed, and are ready to be consumed. This is the least processed type of cannabis product. Flower is typically ground down into small pieces and then rolled into a joint, packed into a bowl, or otherwise smoked. Flower can also be consumed in edibles. Generally, flower has a
  • Cannabis buds and two pre-roll joints
    What is the British Columbia Indigenous Cannabis Product Program? The British Columbia Indigenous Cannabis Product Program (BCICP) aims to highlight products from Indigenous-owned cannabis companies in BC. The BCICP logo can be found on products made by companies that are at least 51% Indigenous-owned, with facilities located in BC. The intent of this program is to help local, Indigenous-owned cannabis businesses thrive and encourage consumers to support BC’s local Indigenous community through the products they

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